Schnauzer masterbreed

Schnauzer - For sale!
2017-10-15 12:56:00
For sale!
Available is a 15 month age mini female.
Details of her in te "2016.A" menu.
Schnauzer - They were born!
2017-10-09 10:22:00
They were born!
New mini PS litter was born for following parents.
sad Int.Ch.Silver Rainbow Olaf Ber (Rus imp)
smiley Ch.Silver Senator Thirsa

You can find details of them in the 2017.F menu.
Schnauzer - For sale!
2017-08-20 12:31:00
For sale!
17 months  old very promising docked and cropped giant female is available.
Details are of her in the 2016.V. menu
Schnauzer - Show time!
2017-06-11 17:50:00
Show time!
Clubshow of TSPK.
10-06-2017. on Agárd

Silver Senator Thirsa

CAC, Clubwinner'17, BOB, BIS-3