Schnauzer masterbreed

Schnauzer - S/P mini litter!
2019-11-10 13:02:00
S/P mini litter!

mini s/p puppies were born
from the next parents

sad Summus Dentis (Pol imp)
smiley MultiCh.Silver Senator Thirsa

Females available!

Details of them in 2019.S. menu
Schnauzer - Show news!
2019-10-21 09:39:00
Show news!
20. oct 2019
Judge: Gábor Hargitai (Hu)

Zenaches Miró-Joan             Ex1.CAC, BOS     
He became this results Hungaria Champion and
Hungaria Show Champion titles

Silver Senator Madeleine    Ex1.HPJ, Best Junior
owner:  Noémi Szőke

Ch.Silver Senator Chiquitita Ex1.GYOGY,BOB
She became this result Hungaria Show Champion title
Schnauzer - New mini litter!
2019-10-19 14:36:00
New mini litter!
New pictures are of the 8 weeks old mini litter
Female is available.

sad Ch.Zenaches Miró-Joan
smiley  Ch.Silver Senator Betty Boop

details of them in the 2019.R menu
Schnauzer - Show news!
2019-10-12 20:19:00
Show news!

Silver Senator Jar Jar Binks  K1.CAC, BOS
Silver Senator Chiquitita        K1.CAC, BOB
and accompanied us our young 5 months age female
to the world of the exhibition...
Silver Senator Penny Lane