Schnauzer masterbreed

Schnauzer - puppies were born
2023-01-25 16:37:00
puppies were born
Miniature s/p  schnauzer litter was born
for the next parents.

sad Ch. Minimaks Morozko
smiley Ch. Silver Senator Shao Mei

Details are of them in  2023.J menu
Schnauzer - Puppies!
2023-01-04 21:15:00
New s/p mini litter was born
 for a next parents
 Details of them in the 2022.I. menu.

8 weeks age pictures of them.

sad IntCH. Sasvári Fu Manchu
smiley Ch. Silver Senator Betty Boop

Schnauzer - Obedience
2022-12-18 17:35:00
It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our kennel 
"working" juniors, Pixi and her owner Gréta Straub.

These two have had an amazing journey in
Obedience competitions enhancing the reputation of our kennel.

We are grateful for their perseverance and work.
We wish you more beautiful results.

Go-go kids !!!
Schnauzer - Puppies
2022-10-27 20:08:00
New mini s/p litter was born.
Deatils in the 2022.H menu.

Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-10-24 21:07:00
Show news!
21-22-23.10.2022.Komárom 3xIDS
The marathon exhibitions is Komárom are almost madatory
but we still go.... and not in vain this year either...

Silver Senator Big Boss 3xCAC,2xRes CACIB,HDGY
Hugo became a Hungaria Champion title this results!!
own:Ancsa Lovasi
Judges: dr Vadócz Éva, Lakatos István, Dani József Dániel

HSPK Yearwinner show 2022. Komárom

Ch.Silver Senator Yuna Lim  CAC, Yearwinner'22, BOB
handler:  Gréta Straub
Judged by Ewa Sitkiewitz (PL)
Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-10-03 19:49:00
Show news!
24.09.2022. Copenhagen-Sweden

Our Lorax who lives  in Sweden
Silver Senator Won Joo   CAC, CACIB, BOB

won a title at this exhibition.
Congratulations to the owners.
Norbert & Bernadett to Lussi
Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-09-25 15:47:00
Show news!
23-24-25. sept 2022.
Jakabszállás 3x IDS

We return to this place every year traditionaly, although a bit
draughty. However the resuts always compensate us.

 23th sept.
Ch.Silver Senator Yuna Lim CAC,CACIB,BOB
Ch.Silver Senator Bonanza CAC,Res CACIB

own: Beder Krisztián handler: Straub Gréta
Ch. Silver Senator Yar Yar Binks CAC,CACIB,BOS
Boris became International Champion title.
handler Straub Gréta

24th sept
Ch.Silver Senator Yuna Lim CAC,CACIB,
Ch.Silver Senator Bonanza CAC,CACIB,BOB

tul: Beder Krisztián handler: Straub Gréta
Ch.Silver Senator Yar Yar Binks CAC, Res CACIB
handler Straub Gréta

Szept 25.
Ch.Silver Senator Yuna Lim CAC,CACIB,
Ch.Silver Senator Bonanza CAC,CACIB,BOB

tul: Beder Krisztián handler: Straub Gréta
Ch.Silver Senator Yar Yar Binks CAC, Res CACIB
handler Straub Gréta
Judged: Orcsik István (Srb) Radványi Tamás (Hu) Tal Yaffe (Isl)
Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-09-24 15:48:00
Show news!
24. 09. 2022.  Jakabszállás
TSPK Yearwinner'22  show

Silver Senator Yuna Lim               CAC,Yearw'22 BOB, Res BIS

Silver Senator Gino Rossi           Best Puppy1. Puppy BIS

handler: Straub Gréta

JunCh. Spirited Away Urge of Regis HPJ, JunYearw'22

Silver Senator Bonanza                 CAC
own: Beder Krisztián handler: Straub Gréta

Ch Sasvári Fu Manchu                   Res  CAC

IntCh. Silver Rainbow Olaf Ber     CAC, Vet.Yearw'22.
                                                             Veterán BIS.

Sasa became Veteran Champion  title also.

Ch. Silver Senator Wannabee      CAC

Ch.Silver Senator Reggae Rose  CAC, Yearw'22, BOS

                                                            Res. BOS BIS

Our kennel won Breed group 2.  result also.

Judged: Firic Péter (SRB)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event.
Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-09-20 15:31:00
Show news!

A dog from our kennel also participated in this show and
he returned home with nice results.

Silver Senator Big Boss 2xHPJ, 2xBest Junior, 2xBOB

Hugo ezzel teljesítette a Hungaria Junior Champion cím
Tul: Lovas Ancsa
Bírált: László István & Juhász Istvánné
Big congrats !
Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-09-12 20:19:00
Show news!
Lendava 2x IDS & Clubshow
Our slovenian results are
Ch.Sasvári Fu Manchu
3xCAC,2xCACIB, BOS,BOB, Clubwinner BOB
He became a Sovenian Champion title
Judges: Petra Bogataj & Monika Skok & Csaba Pettkó