Schnauzer masterbreed

Schnauzer - News!
2023-05-30 15:26:00
Silver Senator Wannabee
our new breeding female.
His parents are impeccably healthy and beautiful dogs.
Her  father is a Italian, and mother was born in Silver Senator
It gives me great pleasure to introduce him now.
Schnauzer - puppies were born
2023-05-21 20:10:00
puppies were born
Miniature s/p  schnauzer litter was born
for the next parents.

sad Ch. Minimaks Morozko
smiley Ch. Silver Senator Shao Mei

Details are of them in  2023.J menu
4 months age good socialized potty trained boy is available.
Schnauzer - New minis litter
2023-05-16 19:13:00
New minis litter
On the 4th Feb new s/p mini letter was born
from the next parents

sad IntCh.Sasvári Fu Manchu
smiley Ch.Silver Senator Reggae Rose

More details are of them 2023.K menu

Puppies are available
Schnauzer - Show news!
2023-05-14 15:36:00
Show news!
2023.01.01. Mezőszilas Nemzeti kutya Show
Közelünkben volt, nem hagytuk ki..
Silver Senator Dilraba   KI.CAC
Silver Senator Wannabee KI.CAC, BOB
Bírált: dr Balogh Zsuzsanna
2023.04.15-16 Békéscsaba
Silver Senator Dilraba   KI.CAC,Res CACIB
Silver Senator Wannabee KI.CAC,CACIB, BOB
Silver Senator Reggae Rose KI.CAC,CACIB, BOB
Bíráltak: Denk Csaba & Hans Joachim Dux (D)
2023.04.23. Pécs
Silver Senator Dilraba   KI.CAC,BOB
handler: Straub Gréta
Bírált: Suncica Lasic (SRB)
2023. 04.25. Gradacac (BIH)
Multi CH.Silver Senator Femme Fatale  2x Veteran BIS-1
Tul: Janina Vaculikova (Cz)
2023.04.29. Miskolc
Silver Senator Ace Of Base  KI.CAC,CACIB
tul: Hemmerlein Zoltán & Lánczi Renáta
2023.04.23. Satu Mare (Ro)
Spirited Away Urge Of Regis CAC,Res CACIB
Silver Senator Wannabee KI.2xCAC,CACIB,BOB,BOS
PinTing ezzel a Roman Champion cím jogos viselője.
Bíráltak:O.Sentimrei (UA) & Bíró Zsolt (HU)

2023.05.13.14. Luconec (Sk)
Ch.Silver Senator Reggae Rose CAC,CACIB,BOS
Ch.Silver Senator Wannabee    CAC,CACIB,BOB
Bíráltak: Radványi Tamás & Pettkó Csaba
Schnauzer - New mini litter
2023-05-05 11:22:00
New mini litter
New s/p mini puppies were born
from the next parents

sad Ch. Spirited Away Urge Of Regis
smiley IntCh. Silver Senator Thirsa

Details are of them in 2023.L. menu

Puppies are available
Schnauzer - Show news!
2023-03-27 21:40:00
Show news!
26.03.2023. NDS-Salgótarján
The first CAC exhibition of each year, which we welcome
because of the friends and the good area, arrangement.
And this year not for nothing, we performed well and
had a good day.

Silver Senator Gino Rossi Ex1.HPJ,Best Junior
own:Smoczer Valéria handler.:Straub Gréta

Silver Senator Ace Of Bace Ex1.CAC, BOS
own: Hemmerlein Zoltán & Lánczi Renáta

Silver Senator Holly Dolly Very Promising 1.
own:Fekete Dorisz Diána handler: Straub Gréta

Silver Senator Fuyao Ex1.HPJ
ownl: Silver Senators

Silver Senator Dilraba Exc1.CAC
own: Fülöp Andrea handler: Straub Gréta

Silver Senator Wannabee Ex1 CAC,BOB
own: Silver Senators
Judged:  Vilmos Kardos (HU)

Those cheering on the edge of the circle:
Kiss Judit -Nincivel
Lómen Zsuzsi és Csupor Zsófi- Lottival és Zoéval

It was great that you came!

Schnauzer - Show news !
2023-02-12 13:56:00
Show news !
09-11. febr 2023. Budapest-Fehova IDC Show
The year is always opened by the FEHOVA exhibition series
We appear regularly with good results.

 Silver Senator Gino Rossi ExI. HPJ
Own: Smoczer Valéria  handler: Straub Gréta

 Silver Senator Bonanza   3x CAC,2xCACIB, ResCACIB, BOB,BOS
Own: Beder Krisztián handler: Straub Gréta
10.feb 2023 Budapest TSPK Clubshow
Itt kötelezően részt veszünk…
 Silver Senator Gino Rossi KI.HPJ.Jun Clubwinner’23. JunBIS-1
 Cody became a Junior TSPK Klubchampion and
Hungaria Junior Champion titles
own: Smoczer Valéria  handler: Straub Gréta
Silver Senator Bonanza          KI.CAC
 Tacco became a TSPK Clubchampion title
own: Beder Krisztián handler: Straub Gréta
Spirited Away Urge Of Regis  KI.CAC
 Bohus became TSPK Klubchampion title
own: Silver Senator kennel
Silver Senator Fuyao               KI.HPJ,Jun.Clubwinner’23 
Tul: Silver Senator kennel
Silver Senator Wannabee      KI. Clubwinner’23. BOSBIS-3
Tul: Silver Senator kennel
Silver Senator Kalumba          KI.CAC 
own: Kiss Judit
judged: Szokol Erika (HU)
Schnauzer - Obedience
2022-12-18 17:35:00
It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our kennel 
"working" juniors, Pixi and her owner Gréta Straub.

These two have had an amazing journey in
Obedience competitions enhancing the reputation of our kennel.

We are grateful for their perseverance and work.
We wish you more beautiful results.

Go-go kids !!!
Schnauzer - Puppies
2022-10-27 20:08:00
New mini s/p litter was born.
Deatils in the 2022.H menu.

Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-10-24 21:07:00
Show news!
21-22-23.10.2022.Komárom 3xIDS
The marathon exhibitions is Komárom are almost madatory
but we still go.... and not in vain this year either...

Silver Senator Big Boss 3xCAC,2xRes CACIB,HDGY
Hugo became a Hungaria Champion title this results!!
own:Ancsa Lovasi
Judges: dr Vadócz Éva, Lakatos István, Dani József Dániel

HSPK Yearwinner show 2022. Komárom

Ch.Silver Senator Yuna Lim  CAC, Yearwinner'22, BOB
handler:  Gréta Straub
Judged by Ewa Sitkiewitz (PL)