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Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-05-16 22:24:00
Show news!
 6-7-8. 05. 2022.
This weekend was not without exibitions either.
Our two dogs were included in two countries with excellent results..
Timisoara  NDS- 3x IDS Trophy Sows Romania

HCh.Silver Senator Zelin444xCAC, 3xCACIB, 4xBOB,
                                                       ResBOG, BOG-3
became Román Champion result !
own: Birta Katalin
handler: Tibay Norbert
judgeded are: A.Korózs.  E.Mincan,  S.Flesieru

Yuna Lim ( Te Soo) started her adult carrir
Some weeks, we will be exibiting her in several countries
with her hopefully  Int.Ch (CIE)  title.

8. 05. 2022. Oberwart-IDS Austria

Ch. Silver Senator Yuna Lim  CACA, CACIB, BOB
own: Silver Senator's
handler: Straub Gréta
judged: Denk Csaba

15. 05. 2022. Varazdin-IDS Croatia
Ch. Silver Senator Yuna Lim  CACA, CACIB, BOB
own: Silver Senator's
handler: Straub Gréta
judged: D.Paunovic (SRB)
Schnauzer - Puppies
2022-05-13 11:03:00
 New mini s/p  litter were born.

3 males  are available.

Details of them in  2022.G menu.

Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-04-19 22:15:00
Show news! Szilvásvárad- 4xIDS
15.4.2022.  HSPK  Clubkiállítás.

Szilvásvárad exhibitions never belonged to my favorite
places for several reasons.

Well, this year only strengthened me regardless of the results.

We represented our kennel with two dogs.

Ch Silver Senator Yashanti  CAC CACIB BOB
own Silver Senators            CAC,Clubwinner'22. BOB
handler: Straub Gréta
Judges: Z.Jojkic (SRB)
               Lokodi Csaba Zsolt (Ro)
Ch.Silver Senator Zelina 4xCAC,4xCACIB,3xBOS, BOB
own: Birta Katalin                    CAC,Clubwinner'22. BOB
With this successes series , Holly deservedly got
Hungaria Champion title.

Bíráltak: Adam Ostrowski (POL)
               Z.Jojkic (SRB)
               Lokodi Csaba Zsolt (Ro)
               Peter Lauber (CHE)
               Lakatos István
Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-04-01 16:19:00
Show news!
27.03.2022. Salgótarján-NDS.
 At this year's CAC show in Salgótarján we always get together with
a few dogs.
Incidentally, we ended up with these results.

HJCH. Silver Senator Yashanti CAC, BOB
handler: Straub Gréta

Spirited Away Urge Of Regis   HPJ
handler: Straub Gréta
Bohus became a Hungaria Junior Champion title

Silver Senator Ace Of Base      CAC
own: Hemmerlein Zoltán

Ch.Silver Senator Quick Quake Exc2.
own: Hemmerlein Zoltán

JunCH.Silver Senator Zelina    CAC, BOS, BOSBIS-2.
own: Birta Katalin

Silver Senator Rouge9             CAC
own: Balla Alexandra
On the aftrnoon program is with little Lena Child-dog couple -3.

Thanks for visit and big congrats for a nice results!
Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-02-28 08:44:00
Show news!
IDS-Budapest-HEHOVA dogshow
TSPK-Clubwinner Show’22.
17-19. feb.2022.

If a little late but I would like to inform the kennel visitors to its website
covering 4 events
on the results of an exhibition series.
It is a great pleasure for me to see more and more owners
appreciate it
to present their dogs to the judges of more prestigious competitions.
I am very happy about that and I am especially grateful for it.
Some results are from all shows...

Giant  schnauzer S/P
Silver Senator Yashanti  3x HPJ, BOS, Jun.Clubwinner’22. BOB
This results 'Ponyo' became Hungária Junior Champion title.
owner: Silver Senator’s
handler: Starub Gréti

Miniature  schnauzer S/P:
Spirited Away Urge of Regis  2x HPJ, Junior Clubwinner’22.
owner: Silver Senator’s
handler: Starub Gréti
Silver Senator Jar-Jar Binks CAC,CACIB,BOS
owner: Straub Krisztián
handler: Starub Gréti
Silver Senator Zoom-Zoom  HPJ
owner: Straub Krisztián
handler: Starub Gréti
HJCH. Silver Senator Zelina  3x CAC, ResCAC, Res.CACIB
tulajdonos+ handler: Birta Katalin
HJCH. Silver Senator Wannabee 2xCAC,2xResCAC, 2xCACIB,BOS
tulajdonos: Silver Senators
HGCH.HSCH. Silver Senator Kalumba  CAC, Res CACIB
owner: Kiss Judit
handler: Starub Gréti

Schnauzer - Show news!
2022-01-02 21:53:00
Show news!
28-30. dec Budapest (Hu)
FCI. European show'21. & TSPK Yearwinner show'21.

In this series of large-scale events a kennel dogs were also
involved in large numbers.
The following victories were made:

HJCH.Silver Senator Zelina      HPJ, Junior Europeawinner 2021.
own: Birta Katalin
judged: Mr Zaur Agabeyli (AZE)

TSPK Yearwinner show'21.
HJCH.Silver Senator Zelina  HPJ, TSPK Junior Yearwinner'21. BOS,Jun BIS-3
own: Birta Katalin                     TSPK. Junior Club Champion
HJCH.Silver Senator Kingsman CAC,TSPK  Yearwinner'21.BOB
own: Sáránszki Péter & Nehlich Ildikó
Handler: Gréta Straub

HGCH.Silver Senator Kalumba   CAC, TSPK  Yearwinner'21
own: Kiss Judit                               TSPK. Club Champion
Handler: Gréta Straub
judged: Bojan Matakovits (Hr)

They won for our kennel Best couple-3 és Best Bread Group - 1 results.
Big congratulations and thank you so much to you all !

Schnauzer - Sport!
2021-12-05 17:28:00
04.12.2021. Bunakeszi
Rally-Obedience Winter Cup
Place:Dog-Flow Arena
Judged:  Mónika Matlári (HU)

In this race  Gréta Straub owner with her dog
Silver Senator Zoom Zoom (Pixie)
RO-Junior 100/96 points

1 place won the competition


Big congratulations for a very nice result !
Schnauzer - Show news!
2021-11-01 07:51:00
Show news!
31.oct 2021.
Szeged (Hu) - NDS show

Silver Senator Ace Of Base       HPJ,Best Junior,BOB
This result Pedro became Hungaria Junior Champion!
own: Lánczi Renáta
Silver Senator Jolly Joe            Res CAC
Silver Senator Kingsman           CAC
own: Sáránszki Péter
Silver Senator Tanashiri            CAC
own: Lómen Zsuzsanna
handler: Csupor Zsófia
Silver Senator Madeleine           CAC
Ch.Silver Senator Zin-Jang       CAC,BOS
own:Szőke Noémi

Judge: István lakatos (Hu)

Big congrats super results!
Schnauzer - Show news!
2021-11-01 07:49:00
Show news!
30.oct 2021.
Spirited Away Urge Of Regis     Very Promising1

own: Senators
Silver Senator Ace Of Base       HPJ,Best Junior
own: Lánczi Renáta
Silver Senator Jolly Joe            Res CAC
Silver Senator Kingsman           CAC
own: Sáránszki Péter
Ch.Sasvári Fu Manchu               CAC,BOB
own: Senators
Silver Senator Tanashiri            CAC
own: Lómen Zsuzsanna
handler: Csupor Zsófia
Ch.Silver Senator Felicity King       CAC
own:Kovácsné Bánkúti Tímea
Ch.Silver Senator Kalumba       CAC,BOS
own:Kiss Judit
handler:Straub Gréta

Judge. Vilmos kardos (Hu)
Schnauzer - Show news!
2021-11-01 07:47:00
Show news!
22-24.oct 2021.
Komárom (Hu) - IDS-Derby shows

We participate at the autumn Komárom exhibition series regularly.
This year's October show didn't take place either
without the Silver Senators.

Ch.Silver Senator Yuna Lim      HPJ,HDGY,BestJun.BOS
Handler:Straub Gréta
Silver Senator Ace Of Base       2xCAC,2xResCACIB
own: Lánczi Renáta
Ch.Silver Senator Quick Quake HPJ
With zhese results Cooper became  Hungaria Champion &
Hungaria Show Champion
own: Lánczi Renáta
Silver Senator Zelina                2xHPJ
tul: Birta Katalin
Silver Senator Tanashiri           CAC,ResCACIB,HDGY
own Lómen Zsuzsanna
handler: Csupor Zsófia
Silver Senator Rouge9              CAC,CACIB,BOS
own:Balla Alexandra
Ch.Silver Senator Kalumba      ResCAC,ResCACIB,2xCAC,CACIB
own:Kiss Judit
handlers:Straub Gréta & Csupor Zsófia
Judges: György hartman&Viktor Rauhoffer&József Dániel Dani (Hu)
I'm very  happy that you came and congratulations for nice results.
Thank you !